The sun rises, the sun sets… the seasons roll… the river bank gives way to the river… the stone steps become more swaybacked foot by foot… even the stars in the vastness of space are born, gleam their light-years, dim and die… everything built up wears down… everything that comes, goes… what exists does not […]

The Wrong Measuring Stick

I fail. I miss the mark. I do not measure up. I am constantly beaten down or beaten up, constantly falling short comparing myself to others, never reaching unreachable marks… until one day a change-thought comes crowding in— You are using the wrong measuring stick. Yes. I see. I am held captive by a Prison […]


I have my chair turned to the window today— a bright, breezy morning in September. A low white cloud breathes out a frosty fog-breath that dissolves into wisps as it goes sliding down the slope of a hill below. Sunshine and breeze strike the silver disco ball hanging outside on the balcony, sending spots and […]

Hole In The Scrim

Sometimes amid the hum and drum and din of all my daily-ness, in some rare-suddenly, and for just an instant, a gap opens in the wraparound scenery of my reality and I am on the other side of life’s scrim— in the same scene, but different now: weightless, new, unencumbered. …Stripped away, the itchy-bitchy, worn […]

Mushroom Bourguignon

While I made the Mushroom Bourguignon… while I sliced the Portobello mushrooms, sautéed them with onions and garlic… while I added carrots and tomatoes… while I poured in broth and good red wine… while I savored that feeling of well-being I get from having something special simmering on the stove for dinner, warming the house […]

Aunt Peg Bakes Cookies

There’s a story in my family… Aunt Peg, a wee wisp of a womanway up in Michigan’s north woods,wanted to bake cookies for her kids—something happy,a warm sweet treat to greet themwhen they camebanging in the doorafter school. So she preheated the oven,readied ingredients, mixer,bowl and cookie sheets…then went to the couch to lie down. […]