Ann Keiffer

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Time to gather myself in from all the

It’s strange. When I write about or dip

Sometimes it feels less like I have a


The sun rises, the sun sets… the seasons

I fail. I miss the mark. I do

The Infinite Holy

My spiritual mentor— former nun, poet, Ph.D., delver


I have my chair turned to the window

Sometimes amid the hum and drum and din

While I made the Mushroom Bourguignon… while I

There’s a story in my family… Aunt Peg,

For my neighbor, Eileen
Sometimes— [...]


A dry-hot day…

and the [...]

Oh, It’s You, Life!

Once upon a time I [...]

Wheels of Fortune

One bright day

I saw [...]

The Alleluia Tree




The oak [...]

Some people get issued ladles [...]

Turn, Turn, Turn

The ancient words of Ecclesiastes [...]

A Life In The Knife Drawer

Big green Tupperware

bowl, my dishpan. [...]

Ordinary Rain

After years of unrelenting drought [...]


This crisp autumn night,

I’m cuddled [...]

Breathing In The Now

A hot, dry, breathless day. [...]


In improv theater

you act [...]

The Ineffable

It happens at random,

most [...]

Christmas Eve, 2020

A Christmas Eve like no [...]

A Pooling

Stopping on the sloping verge [...]

Inside-Outside the Box

I take delight in creating [...]

Acorn Twig Wisdom

Years ago, a beloved very [...]

Tangled Strands

Before [...]


Sometimes when I can’t get [...]

The Wilderness By Another Way

All my adult life I [...]