Time to gather myself in from all the places I’ve flung myself in recent days— appointments, computer screens, living rooms, kitchens, restaurants, coffee shops and donation boxes of all varieties— where I happily and mindlessly dropped off my energy because I had some. I should have gotten a receipt, but I was too busy having […]

A Most Fortunate Woman

It’s strange. When I write about or dip down into my everyday experience of the limitations of my illness… when I talk about how bad it can sometimes get… it can feel like I’m lying. Because, really, I am a most fortunate woman. With some years of experience, I know I have to say yes, […]

The Prescription

Sometimes it feels less like I have a disease, and more like the disease has me— with deep aching pain in muscles and joints and chronic fatigue that can turn into life-crippling crashes when my energy plunges so low I’m on the floor, too exhausted to move or talk, just cryin’-tired, no treatment, no cure. […]

The Infinite Holy

My spiritual mentor— former nun, poet, Ph.D., delver in ancient myths, student of Jung’s work, all her life legally-blind— when speaking of God would often use the name “Holy One.” Not God, not Creator, not Father or anything I’d ever heard, but “Holy One.” And each time I heard her say “Holy One,” I felt […]