Ann Keiffer

Steady as She Honks

I so admire the sense of balance
a goose has.

When a goose pauses in bobbing for greens,
and strolls from one area of
lawn salad to the next,

her cranium sits so straight and regally
on the top of her neck,
she looks posture-perfect,

practicing comportment,
as if she could easily carry
an egg on the top of her head.

And when it’s cold, the goose conserves
her body heat by standing
on just one bare leg

still and serene, steady on her feet, unflappable.
I so admire the sense of balance
a goose has.

I aspire to the goose’s level-headedness.
And I’m improving my standing, I think…

Many times when I go out walking now,
or try to balance on one leg,
I, too, carry a goose-egg on my head.

Ann Keiffer
March, 2011

Photo Credit: Creative Commons License Eva Marie


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I am interested in the strange beauty of brokenness, in transforming possibility in difficult times, in how we heal even when we can’t get better, in the alchemy of surrender, in the interplay of light and shadow, in the bounty of everyday wonders, in the gift of laughter…and writing about it, all and everything.

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