Ann Keiffer

Tech Support

My Quality-Assurance Engineer son

has been tech-supporting me via phone

as I stumble and fumble my low-tech

way into creating my new poetry blog.


I got to wondering how I sound to him.

If he were offering culinary tech-support

to me as a cook who is new to the kitchen,

I think I would sound a lot like this…


Tech Support:  Great! So you want to make

mashed potatoes! First, look in your utensil

drawer and take out a potato peeler—


Long pause, background clatter.


Me: I don’t see it. It’s cold in here and all I

see in the drawer are celery and carrots.


Tech Support: You’re looking in the refrigerator.

I said to look in the utensil drawer.


Long pause, footsteps back and forth


Me: You said “utensil drawer,” didn’t you?

I don’t think I have one.


Tech Support: Yes, you do.  Every kitchen

has one.  Where do you keep your tools?


Pause, brain scan, aha!

Me:  Oh! Tools! They’re in the garage!

 Tech Support: No, where do you keep

the tools you use in the kitchen?


Me: Oh, that kind of tool. Just a minute…


Random drawer rummaging, finally…


Me: triumphantly brandishing a cheese slicer.

I’ve got it! I’ve got it: the potato peeler!

Now how do you work this thing?

And by the way, what’s a potato?


Ann Keiffer

January, 2009


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I am interested in the strange beauty of brokenness, in transforming possibility in difficult times, in how we heal even when we can’t get better, in the alchemy of surrender, in the interplay of light and shadow, in the bounty of everyday wonders, in the gift of laughter…and writing about it, all and everything.

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