Ann Keiffer

The Secret Lives of Things

The sunny plaza in front of the theater
is filled with round tables, all empty,
surrounded by empty chairs.
The stiff-backed wooden chairs
are back-and-rump-plumped
with three-section outdoor cushions.
As I walk by, I glance at the gathering,
then quickly look again.
My first thought: Oh, dear!
I’ve intruded on a group
of people who are quietly praying.
But on second look, I have to laugh.
The rolled top sections
of the cushions
incline slightly forward,
leaning from the seams,
like heads bowed in prayer.
Ever since, I carry
with me this
amazed little wondering:
What if all things,
both seen and unseen,
are praying for us
in secret and
I find I am comforted
by chairs and cushions
as I have never been before.

Ann Keiffer
May, 2012

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons erix!


About Ann

I am interested in the strange beauty of brokenness, in transforming possibility in difficult times, in how we heal even when we can’t get better, in the alchemy of surrender, in the interplay of light and shadow, in the bounty of everyday wonders, in the gift of laughter…and writing about it, all and everything.

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